Were you looking for a building material which is environmentally friendly, easy to apply and long lasting? You just found it. Hempcrete is the building material for not only the next generation, but also far beyond.

You can’t get high of hempcrete

If you’re thinking that you will get high in your own house if it’s made of hempcrete, your painfully mistaking. Hemp doesn’t include that much of the ingredient of which you will get high. Marijuana does, but hemp is a completely different plant.

Hempcrete is good stuff

According to scientific research done by the Bio-Systems Engineering Department of the University of Manitoba, hempcrete has some beneficial characteristics. These characteristics make it an ideal building material. Houses built of hempcrete will be able to last for centuries. It is one of the longest lasting materials existing.

Properties of hempcrete

  • Density: 93.6 to 136.4 Kgs/M3
  • Compressive strength: 116 to 145 pounds per square inch (PSI)
  • Flexural strength: 44 to 58 PSI
  • Fire rating: approximately 1 hour per 100mm of thickness
  • RSI-value: .28/200mm to .14/500mm thickness available -6
  • Air permeability: 1.0 x 10
  • Vapor permeability: 3.4 x 10-5 PSI
  • Carbon capture: 108kg/M3
  • Achievable air tightness: <1.1 cubic feet per minute
  • Acoustic absorption: 0.69 noise reduction coefficient (NRC)

Benefits of hempcrete

  • Non-toxic
  • No off-gassing
  • No solvents
  • Mould resistance
  • High vapor permeability
  • Humidity control
  • Durable
  • Sustainable
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Fire and pest resistance
  • Passive self regulation of temperature and humidity

More information

We’d like to thank Hemp Technologies and Alembic Studio for providing us with a lot of new information:

  • tra

    I am extremely interested in starting my own hempcrete building/ construction company. What is the best way to get started?

    • Rj Hetherman

      ya me2, have u started ur company?

  • kimeejo

    I am going to build a cabin to live in. Where can I buy hempcrete in the us?

    • Hempcrete.ca

      try our page hempcrete.ca- we have hemp!

  • Lisa Romeo

    Is there a supplier for making our plaster from hemp somewhere on the east coast, esp. Florida? Where can I get the material?

    • Anthony

      I’m proffessionnal in hemp building since 2005 in
      Québec. I am looking foward to share this knowlodge about hempcrete. The
      main goal is to make it
      possible for you to build hempcrete houses on your own, with
      mostly local material, local craftmen and simple machinery design to
      last. The modern form of hempcrete offers the best technical performance and comfort of all wall systems.
      best way to learn is for you to have me on the first project. While you
      train, we build your place.

      I am available for any questions and consultation,
      Anthony Néron
      Art du Chanvre
      Hemp house video:


      • Lizalise Dingalibala

        Hi, Anthony…. my partner and I are researching Hemp and how we can begin using it in South Africa. Can you assist?

  • Eric

    I want to rebuild my existing home out of hempcrete please help

  • Chrissy McAden

    I am building a shipping container home – I want to use hempcrete as my interior insulation. i live in Denver CO – can someone point me the way to where I can purchase hempcrete?

    Thank you,

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