Hemp Furnishings

People looking for a comfortable chair or sofa often ask for a leather one. Leather is known as the number one material in this category. Hemp furnishings are currently challenging this common knowledge. They have many benefits.

The benefits of hemp furnishings

Hempcrete, what hemp furnishings are made of, is light, flexible, strong and durable. All those properties are very beneficial for furniture. In addition, hempcrete is insulating, rodent repellent, mold resistant, water resistant, fire resistant, and insect resistant. That sounds all great.

Pretty much all we know about it

Because the production of hemp is still illegal in many countries, it’s not very easy to create hemp furnishings these days. We only know about a small amount of furnishings made, but those aren’t currently available anymore. In the video you’ll learn about a hempcrete chair.

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