Hemp Building Materials

It’s a bit odd that we still build houses as we did for many years now. The technique of almost everything is changing but this keeps being the same. Why? Because the best alternative materials, hemp building materials, are still illegal.

Finding the right material

Want to help making our planet ready for the future? The first thing we’ll have to do is find something that doesn’t emit many greenhouse gasses, can be cultivated almost everywhere and doesn’t drain the land beneath itself. One of the few plants with these particular features is hemp.

Using hemp building materials for insulation

Hemp isn’t used much as a building material yet, but if people use it they often do this as insulation material. The U-value and the R-value of hemp, both important for insulation purposes, are very good compared to those of other insulation materials. Another beneficial characteristic is that it absorbs moisture. Add to that the environmentally friendliness of hemp and it’s the best material for insulation you can think of.

Hemp becoming a real building material

In order to become a real building material, hemp has to be mixed with lime. The product in which this results is called hempcrete. It is sold by various suppliers. Because of the semi-legal status of hemp in the USA it has to be imported from somewhere else, for example Canada. This fact makes the hempcrete quite expensive. Nevertheless it can be perfectly used as a building material.

The impressing durability of hemp

Since they are fire resistant, insect resistant, infrangible and vapor permeable, while impermeable to liquid water, hemp building materials are extremely durable. Houses made of hempcrete will therefore be able to last for centuries.

  • Diana Jimenez

    I am so ready for this to happen

  • Bunny Rabbitt

    i am looking to build a commercial building on 232 acres would like price on your hemp products ..

  • PattiS

    I’m wanting to build a tiny house out of hemp materials…can you direct me in the right direction???

  • sachin survase

    i am constructing hamp wall

  • Amy Brown

    Can this be done in USA?

    • Donald Adiska

      Yes, but the hemp must be imported because it is illegal to grow – but products with no THC can be imported nationally. You may need special architect design help and proper permitting,

      • Donald Adiska

        It has been done in Florida and Michigan, perhaps other states too.

  • John Kariotis Jr.

    I’m a former building inspector and senior drafter for an engineering firm. My question is this; have you applied to any US or CA building departments for use of hemp products either as insulation, non-load-bearing and load-bearing applications? And what results have you had? I live in Imperial County CA. I would love to work w/your firm on getting approvals for hemp use here. Please contact me, graewolftech@gmail.com John Kariotis Jr

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