Hemp Materials

Hemp MaterialOnly a few people know about the existence of Hemp Materials. These are much more environmentally friendly than most regular materials used for building and insulating houses, creating furnishings and manufacturing plastics.

Hemp Building Materials, for the next generation

It’s a bit odd that we still build houses as we did for many years now. The technique of almost everything is changing but this keeps being the same. Why? Because the best alternative materials, Hemp Building Materials, are still illegal.

Hemp Furnishings, design with benefits

People looking for a comfortable chair or sofa often ask for a leather one. Leather is known as the number one material in this category. Hemp Furnishings are currently challenging this common knowledge. They have many benefits.

Hemp plastics, a better choice

Henry Ford was one of the first using Hemp Plastics. He used those plastics for one of his famous cars, just like hemp diesel. This appeared to be very progressive. Nowadays, we still don’t use those products for our cars. A missed opportunity.

Hempcrete, modern building material made of hemp

Were you looking for a building material which is environmentally friendly, easy to apply and long lasting? You just found it. Hempcrete is the building material for not only the next generation, but also far beyond.

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